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October 4, 2007
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A Milk-Filled Malon

            It had been seven days since Princess Zelda had inflated her body. Thanks to her treatments her body now sported an amazing hourglass shaped body. While one girl had her wish, one other girl wasn’t so lucky.

In the South part of the Hyrule Field, a Ranch had recently been built to take less strain on the on the Ordon farm.  The new ranch had been called Lon Lon Ranch. There a regular farm girl called Malon lived. She had to take frequent trips to the Hyrule Castle delivering milk, which brings us back to the present day.

Malon walked by her special horse with a wagon filled with crates of milk. She was wearing a White blouse and a long brown skirt. She was sitting sideways on her horse, thinking of random stuff like…How many kids should she have, what would the future bring, and where was her lazy dad?

It had been 5 minutes since she had delivered the milk and she was exploring the town. She was picking up necessities they didn’t have at the farm like sugar and feed for the animals. When she had everything she needed she noticed she had 10 rupees left over. While she looked around, she spotted a fortune telling sign. She saw this and telling her horse to stay, she walked into the fortune telling house.

What she saw when she entered was a Big room. There were lots of pillows scattered through the room. The room was painted a dark purple with red curtains covering the windows. In the corner was a massive oak wardrobe. In the center was a round table with a glass crystal ball.

“Hello dear,” Said a woman clad in Red Satin gowns. She had long Blond hair tied in a ribbon. Her most interesting features were her hypnotic green eyes, her giant chest, broad hips and bubble butt. She looked to be about in her young 40’s.

“Can I do anything for you?”

“Can you give me my fortune?” Malon asked. The Woman just laughed.

“I don’t give fortunes little girl, I give wishes.” Explained the woman, “By the way, my name is Salvna.”

“Ok. But I don’t really have a wish.” Told Malon. She saw in the back a weird moist patch around various pillows and an enormous robe lying on the floor. It had look discarded, and looked soaked. She could smell the sexual odor from her position.

“Oh, but I’m sure you could do something for your figure,” Stated Salvna. She peered into her crystal ball,” Mabey something like an animal instinct or something?”

“Well, I have kida always dreamed of making milk like cattle.”  Confessed the flustered Malon, at the fact she just told her deepest desire. Salvna just laughed.

“Is that all? I think it was gonna be something difficult like being a goddess!” Salvna cracked her knuckles in preparation,” But a great girl like you deserves a wonderful figure as well!”

Salvna’s hands started pouring out a green magic-like substance. The substance collected together in mid air. It created the shape of a woman, the body figure of Malon. The figure’s chest started to grow, as well as it’s ass. The assets grew on it and gave it a very large hourglass figure anyone would kill for.

Some magic grew into a sun in the background. The sun went down then somehow disappeared. The magic used in the sun drifted to the woman figure. The figures breasts started to spew the equivalent to milk as the figures stomach grew.All the while the transfixed Malon had one hand down her skirt.

“So is that what you want?” asked Salvna, snapping Malon out of her bliss.

“Umm…Yea.” A smile came to Salvna’s face.

“I have to warn you when the sun comes down you will start making milk. It will occupy your stomach and breasts. Your breasts will swell three times as big as they would as normal. Also if anyone touches your skin, you will get sexually aroused. If you become pregnant, if it is a girl she will have the same effect as you do when she turns 16.”

“Ok.” Responded Malon. After the sentence all the magic started zooming around her. It formed into 4 small balls that zoomed around her. One of those balls zoomed into her anal cavity through her skirt. One went through the front going into her vagina. The other two went through her nipples. Malon came over in a wave of sexual pleasure.

When the wave ended, she looked around. Her body had not changed at all and all she saw was her naked form. Luckily the door had been shut. Embarrassed slightly, she quickly threw her clothes back on and looked around the room.

Around the room she saw was wood walls and an empty table. There was no sign anyone had been ever there. Beside her was a crate labeled ‘malon’s new clothes’. Remembering what had happened, she grabbed the, what she had realized, very lightweight crate and walked outside.

She didn’t see the sign that was there earlier before. She moved the bags over and put the crate on the back of the horse and set off. Around her was no one so she got going back home.

When she got home she quickly snuck the crate up to her room. WHne she had it on her floor, she examined it. There were no nail holes in it keeping the top on but in the center was a weird metal thing that looked like it could hold a breast nipple.

“Ok, this is weird.” Thought Malon while taking her shirt off. She bent over and put her bare breast on it. It clamped on her and in shock, Malon stood up. The top came off and once she stood up it fell to the ground.

While she peered over the top she could see several folded garbs. One at a time she took the out. Most were large and revealing shirts and pants, but one was a large robe-like  gown. It had two big holes in it and a larger hole in it. While she looked at it a note fell down.

‘Malon, this should be used for when you start lactating. This will support your breasts and stomach. All other clothes are for your everyday use. The magic will start working after sundown.’ Malon read. As she looked outside she could see the sundown, and she felt her breasts tingle.
Well this is my next story. Yes I will make a sequel to it once ive completed my other fan fic. I am happy about this one. Hope you enjoy.

Malon And Legend of Zelda (C) To nintendo

notice: dA took down the sequel within a matter of days and I lost the original Via Hard drive wipe.
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can you rewrite the 2nd part so that we can at least have the premise of an ending? you left it on sort of a cliffhanger, also another thing is you could put mature content on it so it wouldn't be taken down.
DavidClimie Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
I realy wish they would have let you keep part 2 up I was captivated thank you and don't let the buzzkillers diswade you from writing your heart out
NintendoGamer5000 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They had a good reason for taking down the sequel. This is so innapropriate.
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are you going to make part 2
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